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Who We Are


RuGirlz EMS is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and a girl-centered rural community development organization registered in 2016, which seeks to empower the next generation of women and girls in rural areas to break out of the spiral of poverty and underachievement.
The founder, Amdiya Abdul Latiff based on her strong convictions to empower disadvantaged young girls living in rural areas out of vulnerability and discrimination through education, mentorship, and support.
RuGirlz is committed to changing the lives of the rural girl who is facing extreme poverty, inequality, and poor Menstrual health due to gender norms, socio-economic and geographical challenges.
We believe education is a sacrosanct door to knowledge, prosperity, and hope for everyone and the most powerful tool to breaking the cycle of poverty and beginning a cycle of progress.

who we are
Pen & Pad Campaign
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This is a girl-centered rural community development organization that is steering rural areas towards change through quality education and skill training.
We work with young girls, their families, communities, other organizations, and local government to bring positive change.
When girls and adults work together as part of a change process, it is more likely that the program will be successful and sustainable.


Rural areas in Ghana, have the countries lowest levels of school enrollment and completion rate.
Thousands of rural girls are becoming mothers every year. Communities like In Nerebehi Afari of Nkawie District in the Ashanti Region has some of the country’s lowest level of school enrollment and completion and highest in teenage pregnancy and dropout. Most of the girls in the school become teenage mothers before they complete basic education. In Agogoso, Nynahini and anyinamso are out of control. This remains alarmingly common and is growing.
Young girls exchange sex for sanitary pads. 414 teenage girls in 26 districts of the eastern region in Ghana were impregnated in the last two years(2015-17) while exchanging sex for sanitary pads


RuGirlz envisions achieving a behavioral, social, and economic transformation for rural girls towards a Ghana where all girls have equal opportunities to access quality education.
Creating a sustainable impact in the lives of these young girls to manage a better life for themselves and facilitate change.
Build Self-Confidence; when they believe in themselves they can achieve anything.
An enabling environment that will empower them to respond.
When they know what they are good at, they develop a sense of dignity, become responsible, and contribute to a better society


Atwima Nwabiagya district- Nerebehi –Headquarters – Outreach Centre
Rugirlz is working in Nerebehi community helping young girls access their rights to quality education, good health, and wellbeing.
Our program is benefitting over 100 young girls in 5 communities within different districts.

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