MENSTRUAL education

What We Do


We looked around in our communities and became acquainted with the social needs of these amazing young girls, and we have come up with innovative solutions, believing strongly we will change someone’s life somewhere.
Rugirlz work to promote girls’ rights and lift the underprivileged out of poverty based on 5 core values.

  1. Education
  2. Menstrual and Reproductive Health
  3. Sexual / Gender Based Violence
  4. Economic Empowerment
  5. Mentorship
  6. Girl Child Participation

Our Support Programs

We solicit for Educational Scholarships that create Second Chance opportunities for school dropouts and Young mothers to go back to school or a vocational institution to acquire livelihood skills.

Soap making training

Skills Training

Support The Girls Right To Learn


Pen & Pad Project

This Pen&Pad initiative targets school-going girls from poverty-stricken communities with disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds in their puberty and adolescent stages.

Period pad campaign

The initiative which has already distributed over 1000 pads to poor and vulnerable school girls and educated 1200 school boys and girls on Puberty and Menstrual Hygiene Management in the Atwima Nwabiagya Munipality is seeking funding and partnership to produce and distribute eco-friendly washable sanitary pad kits to keep girls in school, reach their full potential and thrive to contribute to the development of their society and Africa.

We produce ‘EcoPeriod Washable Pads’

EcoPeriod as a social enterprise model of RuGirlz, that local produce and distribute sustainable eco-friendly washable pads along with Menstrual Health Education while creating economic opportunities for socially disadvantaged young mothers as sewist and sales agents aimed at creating social and environmental impact in a financially sustainable way.

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