December 5, 2017



To provide educational opportunities and skill training for disadvantaged girls to be economically empowered to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and society through our mentorship and support.

Change negative mindset to positive.


To have a society of equal opportunity for all to be empowered socially and economically to break the cycle of extreme poverty and underachievement.

*society of equal opportunity

By educating and empowering rural girls we are reducing poverty, improve maternal and child health and raised standard for everyone.

We worked around in our community became acquainted with the social needs of these amazing young girls

This social innovation is the idea to bring young girls together within their rural setting in utilizing skills acquisition as an empowerment and capacity building tool to drive their social and economic development using community social structures and linkages.

Education is the sacrosanct door to knowledge, prosperity and hope for everyone


Rugirlz aim to understand and overcome some of the reasons of unequal access, gender imbalance and underachievement among young girls and their rural communities.