December 5, 2017



Rural Girls Empowerment is a non-governmental organization which empowers marginalized girls in rural areas to learn, succeed and lead change in their lives and communities through education, mentorship and support.

Rugirlz is a movement committed to changing rural young girls lives through education and skill training.

We believe educated women will have educated children, educating women especially the underprivileged is the key to make our world a better place.

Life in rural setting affects access to education for the young girl who faces double disadvantage as a girl living in a marginalized community where extreme poverty, inequality and underachievement prevails.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women- Kofi Annan


This is a girl-centered rural community development organization which is steering rural areas towards change through quality education and skill training.

We work with young girls, their families, communities, other organizations and local government to bring positive change.

When girls and adults work together as part of a change process, it is more likely that the program will be successful and sustainable.


These value statements guide Rugirlz work and relationships

We are ethical, honest, transparent and place a high value on integrity

We respect Child Rights and Human Rights and we believe everybody is entitled to a basic fundamental right.

We believe we can’t solve problem of poverty and inequality alone but through team work and mutual partnerships its possible.


We looked around in our communities and became acquainted with the social needs of these amazing young girls, and we have come up with innovative solutions, believing strongly we will change someone’s life somewhere.

Rugirlz work to promote girls’ rights and lift the underprivileged out of poverty based around 5 core values.


 Menstrual Health

Girl Child Protection

Economic Security

Girl Child Participation


Learning is crucial for development and is one of the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty and beginning a cycle of progress.

We promote equal access to quality education for all.

We work with teachers, communities and partners to ensure the young girl is actively involved school.


We provide better and widespread of sex education in school to young girls and boys and improve access to birth control methods.

Rugirlz partners with community based clinics to provide Quality Reproductive Sexual Health Education to young girls and boys.

With a strong focus on teenage sexual and reproductive health, we help to ensure the health of teenage mothers and their babies during the crucial stages before, during and after child birth.


We believe no practice or tradition is greater than the Human Rights that belong to all of us

Violence against young girls has a devastating impact.

We deliver targeted programs to address specific protection issues like rape, child trafficking, child marriage, female genital mutilation and how to seek justice if their rights are violated.

We also help young girls speak on domestic violence, learn their rights, express their views and influence decision making.

We also work with a range of stakeholders at local levels to influence policies and help rural girls reach their full potential.

We work to challenge beliefs and attitudes that maintain unequal power relations between sexes.


Girls must be seen as subjects of rights and not as object of protection or pity.

As an organization, we identify marginalized girls with an unequal burden placed on them. EQUALITY VRS EQUITY

Those in positions of power are charged with ensuring that people can equally access opportunities and services.

These marginalized girls have been denied equal access, socially disadvantaged and relegated to the fringes of society.

These marginalized girls do not have access to education, jobs, housing or healthcare and violence is sometimes directed to them.

Equality requires active efforts to ensure that both rural and urban areas enjoy equal rights.

We believe fairness remains essential to both the rural girl and her urban counterpart in terms of how one is treated and what one is given; equality and equity.

We work to ensure government take actions to make special provisions for disadvantaged groups, granting them equal access and equal opportunity.

In promoting equality, we eliminate discrimination and the burden it imposes.

As an organization, we believe everyone is entitled to the same level of social benefits.

The constitution and legislation creates special protection for the marginalized to ensure all people in a country have access to equal opportunities.

Violation of her human right leads to instability of the economy, break down in civil society structures and democratic institutions.

The fight for Human Rights is vital in the promotion and protection of individual rights.

The fight for equality means better treatment and representation for the marginalized /young girls in rural areas.

As a responsible organization, we stand up for the rights of the marginalized in order to support human right for all and empower them to be their own advocates.


Millions of women and children struggle to meet their most basic daily needs, leaving them extremely vulnerable to economic shocks and disasters.

Young rural girls are often the first to feel the effects of being forced to go hungry or leave school to earn income for their family.

Rugirlz works with young girls, their families and communities to overcome poverty through sustainable solutions for building income sources, helping them become more resilient and better able to cope in times of economic difficulty.


Young girls have the right to take part in decisions that affect their lives but most often their involvement is limited and always reside at the bottom.

Rugirlz supports young girls to exercise their rights, express their views and participate as active

members in their community.