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Who We Are

RuGirlz EMS is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and a girl-centered rural community development organization registered in 2016, which seeks to empower the next generation of women and girls in rural areas to break out of the spiral of poverty and underachievement.
The founder, Amdiya Abdul Latiff based on her strong convictions to empower disadvantaged young girls living in rural areas out of vulnerability and discrimination through education, mentorship, and support.
RuGirlz is committed to changing the lives of the rural girl who is facing extreme poverty, inequality, and poor Menstrual health due to gender norms, socio-economic and geographical challenges.
We believe education is a sacrosanct door to knowledge, prosperity, and hope for everyone and the most powerful tool to breaking the cycle of poverty and beginning a cycle of progress.

who we are
Pen & Pad Campaign
sex education
Sex Education


We looked around in our communities and became acquainted with the social needs of these amazing young girls, and we have come up with innovative solutions, believing strongly we will change someone’s life somewhere.
Rugirlz work to promote girls’ rights and lift the underprivileged out of poverty based on 5 core values.

  1. Education
  2. Menstrual and Reproductive Health
  3. Sexual / Gender Based Violence
  4. Economic Empowerment
  5. Mentorship
  6. Girl Child Participation

We produce ‘EcoPeriod Washable Pads’

EcoPeriod as a social enterprise model of RuGirlz, that local produce and distribute sustainable eco-friendly washable pads along with Menstrual Health Education while creating economic opportunities for socially disadvantaged young mothers as sewist and sales agents aimed at creating social and environmental impact in a financially sustainable way.

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Atwima Nwabiagya district- Nerebehi –Headquarters – Outreach Centre
Rugirlz is working in Nerebehi community helping young girls access their rights to quality education, good health, and wellbeing.
Our program is benefitting over 100 young girls in 5 communities within different districts.

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